Last Spring, with the Sexercise collection, Vivienne Westwood’s Gold Label officially became Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood. However, handing over the creative reins of her eponymous fashion label to her husband, Andreas Kronthaler, didn’t stop Westwood from dazzling crowds at Paris Fashion Week, where she walked the runway in two of Kronthaler’s Fall 2017 looks. With its loud incongruity of texture, shape, and style, the collection presents a unique mash-up of Westwood’s trademark punk chic and Kronthaler’s Austrian heritage. “The role of fashion is to enhance life,” says Kronthaler. “To make life more livable.”

In the documentary-style, behind-the-scenes video, reminiscent of the one created for the Erotic Zones collection in 1995, Westwood describes the artistic process and craftsmanship that went into Kronthaler’s collection. “He’s just an outrageous phenomenon of power, poetry, and human achievement,” she notes. “I think he’s just incredible.”

Andreas Kronthaler states that his life is guided by accidents and occurrences which he can’t and don’t want to control. The Fall 2016 collection is a tribute to the Wiener Werkstätten with two children’s outfits from ‘The Vienna Workshops’ (1908-1932).