For the Chanel Fall 2017 collection, Karl Lagerfeld takes us into space with a dazzling stage ...

March 10, 2017

For the Chanel Fall 2017 collection, Karl Lagerfeld takes us into space with a dazzling stage at the Centre de lancement N°5 in the heart of the Grand Palais. We are at the foot of an immense 37 meter-high rocket, with 90 models reaching for the stars. “It’s a journey through the sky, to the heart of constellations, in the wake of the astronaut Thomas Pesquet,” explains the designer.

The iconic tweed suit is transformed: in a subtle trompe-l’œil, its square shoulder sleeves appear to emerge from a superimposed gilet. The wrists are covered with long silvery fingerless gloves. Beneath the skirts, dresses and coats in tweed, Bermuda shorts complete this slender silhouette in black, white, silver and grey punctuated with hints of colour. Flashing with electric blue and purple, it sparkles with sequins, iridescent thread, crystal embroidery as well as metallic and beaded braids.

The collars of jackets and dresses in sparkling tweed, satin or double crêpe are high, round and rigid. Evening dresses and blouses in chiffon printed with astronauts, play with vertical gravity on jewelled collars resembling Saturn’s rings. Eclipse motifs and prints decorate the knits and black satin dresses. Dresses are embroidered with iridescent threads or combine double crêpe with bubbled vinyl imitating the surface of unexplored planets. Embroidery shimmers like so many constellations: here on the collar and the straps of a bustier dress, there on a fishnet tulle dress inlaid with lace.

The BOY CHANEL bag is enriched with a shiny chevron motif, the iridescent clutches are XXL, the minaudières take on the shape of a rocket or a planet and new versions of Chanel’s GABRIELLE bag come in metallic leather.

Go backstage as the models prepare for lift off into space for the Chanel Fall 2017 collection.


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