Five cities, five directors, five films. The short movies will be unveiled on March 12th through a unique interactive experience for the Giorgio Armani Films of City Frames where British actor Dev Patel will be the mentor for this year’s edition.

The project, started in 2014 in collaboration with Rai Cinema and Luxottica, attests Giorgio Armani’s deep connection with the world of cinema, supporting emerging talents in the creation of short movies.

The designer and noted film aficionado is slated to debut the third installment of his Films of City Frames short film initiative at South by Southwest this year, having previously shown at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2014 and BFI London Film Festival in 2015.

For the 2017 edition, students were tasked with creating artistic shorts with a narrative where the Frames of Life eyewear was portrayed as being the main instrument through which the protagonists observe reality, capture emotions and experience new adventures, demonstrating how our points of view connect all of humanity, in spite of geographical distance and diverse backgrounds.

“Cinema, just like fashion, is a wonderful medium, because it keeps endlessly renewing itself thanks to the contribution of young talents who bring their unique point of view,” said Armani. “I am proud of my Films of City Frames initiative: we have reached edition number three, we are in Austin at South by Southwest, which represents the cutting edge of visual creativity, and we are presenting stories that are emotionally strong as they are engaging. This edition also expresses a message of true multiculturalism, which I think today is particularly important.”

Listen as Dev Patel shares a few words about the initiative and the short films.