As his sporting career drew to a close, René Lacoste went on to join the aircraft industry, ...

February 15, 2017

As his sporting career drew to a close, René Lacoste went on to join the aircraft industry, creating “Air Equipement”, a company that contributed to the development of the Concorde and Airbus programs. It is this other facet of the Lacoste founder’s visionary mind that Felipe Oliveira Baptista decided to celebrate for the Lacoste Fall 2017 collection.

Drawing up parallels between the heroes of aviation and the pioneers of the space age, this dreamlike take on modernity is the inspiration behind a resolutely forward-looking collection.

Felipe Oliveira Baptista allows himself to sidestep a little – a small step for the man but a giant leap for his inspiration – and blends the esthetics of conquest with the “mythical” codes of Grunge and ’90s streetwear, now modern classics to him, giving ultra functional outfits a jolt.

Iridescent prints, Space artist Ron Miller reproductions – full moon, sunsets or Saturn – collide with purposefully dull colors and are lit-up by metallic effects and sparks of acidity – aniseed, ochre orange and scintillating lilac. These colors, juxtaposed in blocs following the Lacoste graphic system, inject dynamism into the garment.

In order to reach supreme refinement, the designer transcends the idea that an item of clothing should only be practical, and materials, colors and cuts not usually associated with each other are brought together in an original showdown.

Go backstage and explore the beginning of a new kind of elegance as the collection features a new feminine curve and refined details.


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