As the birthplace of civilisation, countless love stories have unfolded in Rome. When a couple ...

February 14, 2017


As the birthplace of civilisation, countless love stories have unfolded in Rome.

When a couple decides to make their bond eternal, their commitments received with exuberant Roman joy and monumental celebration. On that big day, the Bulgari couple sparkles with Italian glamour, turning towards each other to say YES.

To choose love in this life, to choose to feel loved, to choose your partner in love – this freedom and this choice leads to this day’s celebration. And the excitement that leads up to this decision is extraordinary and singular – much like a Bulgari gem. The unique jewel on a woman’s finger is the daily reminder of her loving choice, and that incredible day they lived together, when it all began. Bulgari exalts the facets of a loving lifetime in the singular preciousness of its jewellery.

The Bulgari Bridal Collection is characterized by a timeless aesthetic both bold and traditional, using peerless natural materials. Designed with joy in mind and love in its soul, the jewellery of the Bulgari Bridal Collection beautifully seals the eternal promise.

As personal tastes are as individual as proposals, the Bulgari Bridal Collection encompasses a wide range of styles. Every line exemplifies the Bulgari aesthetic in its own way. Styles run from traditional to innovative, but each is thoroughly representative of Bulgari’s signature elegance and beautifully crafted to celebrate the encounter between two hearts, just as the new Incontro d’Amore ring.

BVLGARI engagement rings are designed to be cherished for a lifetime – even passed on to future generations.


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