The new Missoni Spring 2017 ad campaign marks Angela Missoni’s 20th anniversary at the helm of ...

February 2, 2017

The new Missoni Spring 2017 ad campaign marks Angela Missoni’s 20th anniversary at the helm of the brand’s creative direction. Angela chose her summer residence in Puntaldia, Sardegna as the setting for this shoot as well as Irina Shayk as the face for this campaign.

Harley Weir’s photographic eye examines the expressions, sensual physicality and spontaneity of the extraordinary Shayk, interspersed with Dibble’s modern personality. Each shot is transformed into a visual statement on the present, identity and nature of our times; a colorful evocation of the Missoni world and Mediterranean summers which is playful and contemporary.

Collections of every genre, pieces of modern art and artisanal samplings; shells and colorful ceramics; paintings and tapestries. Juxtapositions and accumulations; associations and superimpositions of styles, materials, forms and ornamentations that alternate and contrast with the floral culture, exuberant ascent and the design and colors of enormous flowering plants to create a sensual pictorial continuum that beings from the internal structure of the house and flows into the external gardens.

This season’s campaign beautifully frames the “put togethers” of stripes, large bands, geometric patterns, tonal gradations and collocations that are decisive, brilliantly colorful gems, from Missoni’s Summer 2017 collections. The supermodel Irina Shayk wears minidresses, long and raw-edged pieces, large trousers and tank tops, magnificent cascades of fringe and maxi gilets as she moves sensually around and interacts with Angela’s collections of memorabilia. Small patterns are unveiled in fresh looks worn by model Tim Dibble who wears woven blazers and gilets or finely-worked knitted pullovers which are paired with trousers and shorts.


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