For the Alberta Ferretti Pre-Fall 2017 collection, the designer launches her first Capsule ...

January 24, 2017

For the Alberta Ferretti Pre-Fall 2017 collection, the designer launches her first Capsule Collection: seven wool and cashmere sweaters in seven different colors, each one dedicated to a day of the week.

The Nineties- and rainbow-inspired sweaters feature the names of the seven days of the week embroidered up on the chest, with each color representing “a new day and a new state of mind”.

Pastel pink adds a subtle, sophisticated touch to this sweater with contrasting gray intarsia. Take it easy: it’s only Monday! Emerald green and fuchsia blend to create a unique, vibrant harmony. Precious Tuesday! The intense, timeless romanticism of violet is accentuated by the graphic vibrancy of orange in this oversized sweater. Dream on, Wednesday… Ironic, upbeat, playful sunny yellow brightens this sweater with contrasting blue. Thursday is bursting with energy! Midnight blue is softened by light pink nuances in this oversized sweater. Flirty, fun Friday! Sensuous cherry red reveals an enticing touch of pastel pink. Enjoyable Saturday! Cloudy gray with subtle hints of pale blue accompanies your moments of leisure and relaxation. Soothing Sunday!

“People who know me joke because I’m always running around and never really know what day it is,” Alberta Ferretti said. “I always have a million things to do, a thousand ideas in my mind, and never enough time in the day.”

Ferretti’s brand new capsule collection was presented on the catwalk by both male and female models. Go backstage and discover the fun collection.


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