Best known for her effortlessly cool style and charming personality, Alexa Chung returns to her role as model and muse for the denim-focused brand in the new AG Jeans Spring 2017 film.

Titled “When in Paris” a tribute to the collection’s inspiration—La Nouvelle Vague, also known as the French New Wave, with AG designers viewing Jean-Luc Godard’s 1960 masterpiece. The collection taps into the spirit of effortlessness and spontaneity, with pieces simple but imbued with a touch of rebellion.

The film was art directed by Johnathan Crocker, the denim brand’s VP of global communications, the film follows Chung as she navigates the Parisian dinner scene where she knows nobody. After lonesomely eating up all the radishes and sipping at her wine, Alexa eventually attempts to converse with the Parisian guests with literally all the French phrases she knows. The fashionista of British High Street does drop AG Jeans’ name at the very end, with a wink and a suggestion that she and her new French friend go shopping there tomorrow.

The collection showcases long-sleeved Bretons, the perfect-fitting denim jacket and everyday straight-leg jeans.

Watch the adorably awkward, tongue-in-cheek AG Jeans Spring 2017 film set in Paris.