Known for its handmade bags and accessories of high-quality leather, TSATSAS is expanding its repertoire of materials and entering into an extraordinary union with textiles. The project SO_FAR presents five limited versions of the tote bag FLUKE, each in a combination of calfskin and fabrics from the Raf Simons collection of Danish textile company Kvadrat.

SO_FAR represents a new approach in the development of TSATSAS. While to date the label’s work has focused on natural leather and a modern interpretation of traditional crafted leather, translated into contemporary designs, in their work with textiles designe Esther and Dimitrios Tsatsas are treading new paths.

For years the two designers have engaged in continual experimentation with materials, in order to expand their work that revolves around the topic leather. When in 2014 Kvadrat launched its first fabric collection with Raf Simons, the designer duo was thrilled with the patterns, colors and quality. “When we got the chance as the first bag label worldwide to work exclusively with the fabrics of the Kvadrat/Raf Simons collection, our focus was on transferring the contrast between textiles and leather into a new aesthetic,” explains Esther Tsatsas.

The project SO_FAR is seen as a separate edition intended to complement the existing TSATSAS collection, which is limited in terms of numbers.

Starting from January 2017, five versions of the iconic FLUKE bag (an edition of 50 each) .are available at selected international stores.

Discover the collection here.