This season, Jeremy Scott’s Moschino Pre-Fall 2017 runway show was politically charged as the American designer drew inspiration from his country’s current state.

“It’s a global situation. Of course, my country’s in the toilet, but when my country’s in the toilet, the world’s in the toilet,” the designer stated. “We have to fight — for rights, for beauty, for everything we believe in because it’s being ripped away from us. That’s very much [what I wanted to convey] in the show. [On the clothes] frescoes have been covered over with black paint, arbitrarily, to hide them. That’s what I feel is going on. And trying to find any bits of beauty that you can and almost making emblems and totems of them.”

The collection featured tailored silhouettes going hand in hand with Transformer figures, utilitarianism and sci-fi-inspired prints, embellished with Moschino’s omnipresent whimsicality. The designer effortlessly mixed these contrasting patterns all together, creating a retro-futuristic allure.

This season combined strong Forties-inspired lines with contemporary motifs. Metallic gowns, intergalactic prints, sensual bustiers find their way throughout the line-up.

Watch backstage and uncover the preparation behind this whimsical and theatrical runway show.