Elephants for India, a bee and roses for Europe and a butterfly for Japan. On the Gucci Garden ...

January 16, 2017


Elephants for India, a bee and roses for Europe and a butterfly for Japan. On the Gucci Garden Souvenir collection of accessories and silks, colorful embroidered patches where the pieces are for sale in the world.

The Souvenir collection is comprising of a selection of leather goods handbags, luggage and small leather goods and silks which are given different treatments for different regions.

The customization takes the form of embroidered patches created from multi-coloured thread. The iconography is typical of the House and is made up of a combination of flowers, animals and script. Headbands in silk duchesse and 90cm x 90cm silk foulards have been given the Gucci regional treatment and feature different embroidered patches depending on where they are available.

The bags, which range in style from medium and small boston bags to a functional tote, a small backpack and a camera bag, come in GG Supreme pattern trimmed with matte calf leather. There is also a deconstructed tote that is made from a soft version of GG Supreme pattern. Trim is in cuir-coloured leather or red-coloured leather. Small leather goods are in GG Supreme pattern and include: a zip-around wallet, a card case and a wrist wallet with chain; the Christmas collection features an additional flat pouch and two iPhone covers.

In America, the collection features roses and the text ‘Blind for Love’, while in Europe it has a bee and flowers; meanwhile China has the sacred heart and roses, and Australia the anchor, heart and roses. The bags designed exclusively for India feature a motif of an elephant as well as a rose. The Christmas items display the poisoned heart (heart with a coral snake) and flowers.


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