This Spring, Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director, presents the Christian Dior ...

January 13, 2017


This Spring, Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director, presents the Christian Dior ‘Colour Gradation’ collection to re-enchant the gradient makeup trend, a precise but intuitive technique that celebrates colour in all its splendor. Lips are enhanced with a blend of weightless shades, eyes are illuminated with vivid colour harmonies and the face is brightened with evanescent blushes. In welcoming the fine weather to come, Peter Philips offers women in Dior the freedom to go bold with colour ― intense or natural ― and express their very own unique beauty.

The principle of “gradient makeup”? Clashing colors and fading shades to allow for the boldest of looks. It’s a trend that Peter Philips reinvents according to the art of color that has always been the Dior makeup signature. The lips are worked up in different shades of pink to evoke a bee-stung mouth, the eyelids exhibit a spectrum that’s alternately soft and electric, a tie-dye effect sets cheekbones alive. The Colour Gradation look offers the freedom of total experimentation, from subtly faded shades that melt into the skin’s natural tone, to the most out-there effects.

In a look that gives color pride of place, voluptuous lips illuminate the face. To achieve a subtly sophisticated effect, in which the pigments seem to be one with the shade of the lips, Peter Philips has devised a lipstick 2.0: Rouge Gradient. Using its double foam tip, first apply the lightest shade as a base, before applying a more intense touch to the center of the lips. The layering creates a melting gradation with a powdered matte finish, which can be adjusted according to mood and desire, and which is achieved with one of the three available versions, Pink, Red or Purple. Eyes are also ultra-pigmented thanks to the Colour Gradation palette. Available in Blue Gradation or Coral Gradation, it comes with a motif reminiscent of the pleats with which Christian Dior liked to give his dresses movement, just as the gradation of the shades gives life to color. Transposing the “gradient makeup” technique to the complexion, Peter Philips also created dégradé powder compacts, Diorblush Colour Gradation and Diorblush Nude Air Colour Gradation, which allow the shade of the cheekbones to be modulated. And the art of color celebrated by this intense look extends to the nails, thanks to Dior Vernis contrasting shades, the peach Nude de Maybe peach, lemon yellow Early, deep green Now or the flamboyant red of Sudden.

Discover Peter Philips behind the scenes of the shoot for the Colour Gradation spring look, and watch the different steps in making up the model Lindsey Wixson.


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