Combinations of styles and lines, hybrids of the House vocabulary, this new Chanel Spring 2017 ...

December 27, 2016


Combinations of styles and lines, hybrids of the House vocabulary, this new Chanel Spring 2017 eyewear collection revisits two major codes: the octagon of the perfume cabochons and the fine jewelry quilting.

This season Chanel brings a new elegance to its frames by positioning the temples of the glasses, not over the temples of the head, but just resting on the cheekbones. Most designs are thus worn low, completely reinventing the codes of traditional glasses making.

The collection presents frames with crystalline lines in retro styles with butterfly, XXL square and cat eye shapes, including an octagonal shape in tribute to Place Vendôme whose outline is shared by the cabochon lid of the Chanel N°5 perfume bottle. Their facetted acetate encircles the lenses with crystal. The wide range of colours further reinforces the creativity of these sunglasses, available in various greens including pine, tender, olive and khaki, but also an opaque burgundy, a transparent blue, iconic black and tortoiseshell. Two designs are all about the lenses as there is no actual frame. Without any contours, these sunglasses dress the face with a transparent halo in verdigris, champagne, shimmering brown and smoky black. For the eyeglasses, the temples feature cat eye and oval shaped frames. The facet is more discreet against navy blue, burgundy, tortoiseshell, black, deep green and neo-camouflage backgrounds.

The famous Chanel quilting is seen as the curved effect worked on with the gold jewelry pieces is taken up here on the temples in golden, silvery or ruthenium metal of the cat eye, butterfly, square or oval frames. Ultra-elegant in black with beige-gold tinted lenses with a hint of pink, they are featured in khaki, tortoiseshell, blue and transparent green, and are nothing short of electrifying with their mirrored lenses on the burgundy, pine green and dark blue versions.

Discover the Spring 2017 eyewear collection in boutiques from December 2016.


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