To reinforce the more intellectual side he always conceptualizes in his collections, Aessandro Michele shot the Gucci Pre-Fall 2017 collection in Rome in two historical locations: the Antica Libreria Cascianelli, an old bookstore specializing in heraldry and art history, and the Antica Spezieria di Santa Maria della Scala, a 16th-century apothecary that apparently catered to popes.

Combining art with history, literature and even medieval versus contemporary aesthetics, Alessandro Michele managed to reinvent fashion as a multi-disciplinary medium.

The collection’s color palette appears to be equally whimsical and eclectic. From green to bright fuchsia, from ethereal whites to fiery reds, Gucci’s new collection got us covered with loads of colorful separates that not only exude Gucci’s notorious high-end allure.

The Pre-Fall ensembles were layered with everything from long-sleeved shirts to loungewear-inspired jackets, cropped jeans, hoodies, leather biker jackets and high-waisted skirts, the latter of which greatly remind us of Michele’s recent experiments with geek-inspired styles. The collection also saw the return of ’80s-style leggings; knitted in a colorful mushroom pattern, they were layered on stockings emblazoned with the Gucci logo for a truly maximalist impact. Elsewhere, the ’90s-streetwear vibe that the designer has often reworked was translated into oversize bombers and hooded sweaters, sprouting from multicolored alpaca furs or paired with ethereal chiffon floral dresses.