The journey into the sporting universe of the High Performance collection continues with the ...

December 9, 2016


The journey into the sporting universe of the High Performance collection continues with the second season of the Moncler Grenoble ‘Passion For Sport’ project. This enthralling journey touches on various sporting disciplines by looking at the stories of their protagonists. Men and women of outstanding passion, of the utmost dedication and tenacity.

Conceived in 2015 with the first four video-documentaries dedicated to as many extraordinary athletes, to their lives, the constant challenges they face and the tireless quest to exceed their own limits and progressive goals, “Moncler. Passion for Sport – Season 2” again reiterates the sporting spirit of the Franco-Italian brand. The film narration features live sounds and sensations. They are highly dynamic, participated and stirring films, the real theme of which revolves around a blend of courage, concentration and sacrifice.

Moncler Grenoble’s heritage is constantly being re-thought, re-invented and defined thanks to the brand’s forward momentum in the research field. First and foremost, the brand identity stands for snow. And the docu-films, both shot in Mammoth Mountain in California, respectively focus on the winter sports of snowboarding and skiing.

The athletes telling their stories only wear Moncler Grenoble High Performance garments. At times, as in the case of Russian snowboarder Iouri Podlatchikov, they have been made with their direct contribution and consultation. The outfits have been constructed with a technicality clearly inspired by the skiing world, suitable for skiing even on the harshest summits, where research always serves the purpose of function. They also harness technical aspects from the Limited Edition for skiing, conceived in a partnership with Swiss-based zai and the new Moncler Snow Helmet by Kask, two companies of outstanding quality in their own specific sector globally. The High Performance sphere is a particular aspect of Moncler Grenoble geared towards achieving the utmost technicality, where all-round performance is key.

Skiing is the best-known and most traditional of the snow sports. For the second episode of Moncler Passion For Sport – Season 2, it takes form in Lindsay Frensz and Nate Bevacqua. Their trajectories on the dazzling white surface weave together a powerful speed dynamic and, at the same time, a mark of harmony and profound mental communication in which one mirrors the thoughts of the other. Neither can live without skiing, their true passion. Since childhood they have loved nature, trees and rivers, unspoilt places and the great lakes. But only after successfully practising a number of sports did they decide to dedicate themselves entirely to skiing, becoming instructors and tutors, whilst at the same time embarking on an outstanding and highly independent educational adventure.


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