Fantasising about displaced interpretations of time, the Erdem Pre-Fall 2017 approaches the 1940s from a cinematic perspective where fiction trumps fact. A heightened feeling of escapism borrowed from the Post-War period provides a sentiment of optimism and willingness for glamour by way of make-do and mend.

A sense of ration chic materialises in architecturally cut plaid dresses forged together with flounces, a handsome apron leather dress adorned with hand-embroidered flowers, or in the ease of a flounced pink silk jacquard gown with a simple scarlet bow along the back.

The mood is further lifted in tributes to Havana, the dream of which inspires a cocoon coat in jacquard fusing forest green, plum, navy and shocking pink. Parrot earring and sparkly jewellery with little golden flies gild the optimism, while shoes take on the practicality of corresponding garments in twisted slippers in imperial yellow or pink with jewels, platform sandals in jewelled jacquard, sandals draped like scarves, and pointy kitten-heeled ballet shoes in coppered salmon.

If you can’t travel, look like you are.