Audacious, contemporary and unexpected, the Chanel Synthetic de Chanel makeup collection is the 1st COLLECTION LIBRE developed by Lucia Pica and the Makeup Creation Studio.

Inspired by cityscapes and urban materials, Lucia Pica envisioned this collection as a unique experience. Urbanized tones are revisited. Colours and substances are hypnotized. Glass, metal and rubber transform into unusual shades and textures, while natural pink, coral and red hues add a fresh and cheerful touch. Synthetic de Chanel offers a contrasting palette of textures, colours and lights.

The exclusive creation, ARCHITECTONIC, is an eyeshadow palette inspired by urban colours for architectural eyes. Its harmony of five shades, from matte blue to mirror grey, promises both intensity and luminosity. Alternating matte and satiny finishes, colours pay homage to urban materials.

With its highly pigmented cream texture, CALLIGRAPHIE DE CHANEL Hyperblack is an eyeliner unlike any other. It comes in a jar with a brush applicator featuring a flexible, angled tip for absolute precision. In one stroke, it accentuates the eyes with intense, matte black for a deep and magnetic finish. Its long-lasting formula resists water and humidity.

An intense pink blush with a healthy glow effect, JOUES CONTRASTE Hyperfresh adds a fresh, light note to the collection. It enhances the complexion and revives the cheekbones.

With the different ROUGE ALLURE lipsticks of the collection, lips dress up in flamboyant, luminous colours. Red, pink and coral vibrate in harmony.

Absolutely unique, LE VERNIS VELVET Pink Rubber is a limited-edition nail polish inspired by rubber for a matte effect. With its surprising metallic effect, LE VERNIS Longwear Liquid Mirror replicates the silvery reflections on buildings in the rain. More discreet, the translucent pink LE VERNIS Longwear Hyperrose Glass recreates the effect of glass and neon lights. Applied in a duo with LE GEL COAT, it offers impeccable hold and extreme shine.