Diesel Black Gold’s Creative Director Andreas Melbostad has lead the brand by balancing the fine line between its tough rock ’n’ roll, streetwise roots and an elevated, polished urban minimalism.

Diesel Black Gold Pre-Fall 2017 features an architectural sense of tailoring, favoring careful construction without detracting from the cool factor. The collection mixes the ensembles, as many of the outerwear pieces are clearly unisex styles. Popular bomber jackets, biker jackets, pea coats and parkas, styles appear ever year in one form or another, updated one way or another. This season, these consistently popular outerwear items are convertible, easy-to-pair items that are standalone gorgeous pieces for either men or women.

The designer presented the women’s and men’s collections in a huge industrial warehouse, which will also serve as the location for the menswear show in January. It was a fitting backdrop for a utilitarian-inspired lineup.

“I’m using the same ingredients for both genders, playing on a similar aesthetic approach. The soul of the brand is so strong that it just needs a fresh spin,” Melbostad said.

A dash of ’70s retro-sporty flavor added spice to tracksuit-like men’s denim trousers, embellished with colorful side bands; the women’s lineup was infused with hints of the softer silhouette already presented in the label’s Spring show. Dungarees-inspired short dresses in jacquard georgette had a feminine flair, as did tops worn with drawstring palazzo pants.