A heart and snake on GG motif bags, a watch featuring a golden bee on the dial, and the Princetown slippers with embroidered tigers—just some of the curated tokens from the Gucci Gift catalogue, shot in the lush Ninfa Garden located in Cisterna di Latina, near Rome, with a cast of animals from the Gucci Garden including a tiger, rabbits, turtles and a horse.

Directed by Floria Sigismondi, the romantic Gucci Gift Giving 2016 video features the the brand’s Cruise 2017 collection interacting with animals that are symbols of the House.

Both the video and photo spread take inspiration from the Biblical “Garden of Eden” story where models thrive in a dreamy botanical paradise featuring beautiful plants and exotic animals such as a tiger, a zebra, birds, bees, bunnies and even a unicorn. This wild life and flora have become trademark motifs to the Italian house’s aesthetic since Alessandro Michele’s reign as Creative Director. We see both the iconic snake slithering through green grass, and the apple tree, from which a model takes a piece of fruit and bites into it, just as Eve did in the story.

The film plays with “Il Dolce Suono” in the background to further the romantic effect.