Shop the interactive DKNY Resort 2017 collection film exploring how people talk about the real NYC.

This is ours—a city as much about the Empire State Building as it is quiet, simple, stolen moments that comprise a day in the life of a 21st–Century New Yorker.

The campaign depicts authentic urban instants, like grabbing a dollar slice or hanging on a street corner. Dynamic, evocative, reportage-style film photography captures models in relaxed genuine moods.

The resort season spotlights logo sweatshirts, slit-front skirts and large satchel bags. A mix of styles—from fish-eye to on-camera flash to black-and-white conjures the city’s mutable, ever-shifting energy.

With layerable, ’90s slip dresses, the collection features a feminine melody here. Oversized outerwear and chunky shoes gives was to free spirit. The duo’s slouchy, silky trousers had a likewise tough mien, while tailored versions of the pants, with a wrap-belted high waist, upped the tone a bit at the same time as they maintained the streetwise aura.