Phoebe Philo’s Céline Resort 2017 collection was presented as a surprising footnote for ...

November 15, 2016


Phoebe Philo’s Céline Resort 2017 collection was presented as a surprising footnote for the day. It is possible that the intent of the Creative Director was to let the fashions speak for the collection rather than creating a lot of pomp for an unveiling. One considered possibility is that the collection is not meant to be seen to the point that people are tired of seeing it before the clothes can be purchased in Céline stores.

The collection features radical proportions with specific tailoring. With nipped in waists, oversized shoulders and pants with front pleats and narrow ankles, the silhouettes aredramatic. An oversized beige trenchcoat added is a great staple and will be bring versatility to the closet. Dresses are soft yet structural still incorporation the overall essence of the collection.

What catches the eye most in the new lineup is Philo’s swaggeringly womanly tailoring. These proportions will be different on how they settle on a every body.

The shoulders are the most prominently emphasized body part. With different design details from a puff sleeve, accentuated and tailored suiting, off the shoulder details and ribbed pinning, the collection exhibits unique architectural structures bringin forth different materials to come into play.

The color palette was soft and subdued with subtle floral prints introducing the fashionista to the Spring season making a unique statement all in the styling and design of each piece.


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