With its gorgeous geometric lines and a hint of Art Deco folly, the Delvaux Fall 2016 ...

November 8, 2016

With its gorgeous geometric lines and a hint of Art Deco folly, the Delvaux Fall 2016 collection is made for centre stage.

Come watch our favourite characters, all ready to take the limelight: Minaudière Madame, the sporty Mutin, the lovely Pin Cabas, without forgetting the mini Tempête. All are truly delighted to make an appearance and have donned their best costumes in Absinthe, Rose Candy, Rouge de Pourpre and Tourterelle.

Dressed in astrakhan, springbok and mink, Dream leather and natural grained Crispy Calf, these stunning bags give show-stopping performances.

Nouveaux delights for this season are the sparkling Madame Minaudière, the sporty Mutin and the practical Pin Cabas. The Tempête makes an appearance in a fun mini version. The collection’s colour palette includes eye-catching Absinthe and Rose Candy. Rouge de Pourpre and Tourterelle also appear in a three-toned degradé effect, giving real depth of colour and refinement. Texture-wise, astrakan, springbok and mink make a real impression this season, while two new leathers enter la maison’s repertoire – Dream and the natural grained Crispy Calf.

Inspired by Delvaux’s Chasseresse design of 1962, the Mutin retains the supple form of its ancestor, with its generously rounded bottom and gloriously curved shape.

Lightweight and functional, this bag is for the dynamic woman seeking the perfect balance between casual and chic.

Watch the video below created by Olivia da Costa and Mathilde Toulot and enjoy the latest collection in all its theatrical splendour.


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