Rag & Bone announces its first journey into the olfactive world with a collection of eight fine eau de parfums.

Crafted by leading perfumers from around the world in partnership with the brand’s founder, Marcus Wainwright, the Rag & Bone debut fragrance collection was designed to embody the Rag & Bone experience.

“We approached fragrance in the same way we approach all new collections – we started with classic components and built them out with qualities that are quintessentially rag & bone,” Wainwright said in a statement. “The collection celebrates the individual; we wanted each scent to create a unique connection with its wearer.”

Rooted in classic ingredients the unisex  fragrances introduce curious twists on iconic scents, each possessing a refined personality. Over 18 months were spent perfecting the unique eau de parfums, ultimately developing a collection which pays homage to the diversity of the Rag & Bone man and woman.

Available in Oud, Encens, Amber, Cypress, Bergamot, Neroli, Rose and Oddity, the collection is grounded in elemental ingredients that scale from effortless and light to dark and nuanced. The brand’s fine fragrances are formulated using the highest quality ingredients and blended in small batches in the United States.

Discover the collection here.