Aquascutum returns to London Fashion Week with an impressive debut by young British Designer ...

October 13, 2016

Aquascutum returns to London Fashion Week with an impressive debut by young British Designer Kasha Crampton.

Presented at ‘One Belgravia’, a beautiful townhouse located a stone’s throw away from Buckingham Palace, cinematic lighting frames ‘Salon 1851’, a reference to the brand’s founding year and inside the scene, ten girls are draped elegantly on an array of eclectic furniture, while others play pool, change a vinyl on a record player, or sip on Charles Heidsieck champagne, a brand also founded in 1851 by the original Champagne Charlie.

The Aquascutum Spring 2017 collection had a certain unexpectedness to it with plenty of textures, bright colours and playful aspects. The collection’s signature floral print took inspiration from contemporary Japanese photographer Nobuyoshi Araki, famous for his provocative imagery, and there is a certain Helmut Newton feel to the tableau showcasing the Spring 2017 womenswear collection.

It’s a subtle clash of eras, fabrics and textures, with the beautiful femininity of the silk dresses and signature red floral print, juxtaposed against sensual yet subtle suggestions of expertly crafted leather cuffs, chokers and other accessories from the visionary design brand Fleet Ilya. Adorning the girls’ feet are the audacious laces and pencil-sharp stilettos of Malone Souliers shoes. The finishing touches perfectly compliment the overall subversive mood of the tableau.

In keeping with this modern feel the iconic Aquascutum trench coat styles have been updated with more contemporary silhouettes and subtly presented flashes of the signature club check in the lining or under a collar.

Watch behind the scenes of the presentation as Aquascutum presents a collection with the overall message is one of liberation, power and elegance.


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