A fun and relaxed holiday mood is the driving force behind the inspiration of the Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2017 collection. In stark contrast highly tailored looks and items from the Dolce & Gabbana DNA complete a collection which just oozes summer holiday vibes.

Travel to the make believe Italian Tropic, where icons traditionally associated with Italy like pasta, bread and superstitious symbols mix with an overall holiday mood punctuated by cocktails, ice creams and sequins. Relaxed footwear like slippers are given are luxurious upgrade and are worn with with a joyful fashion which does not compromise on finishing and tailoring. They designer duo threw in a few nods to the sporty streetwear movement updated with that signature Dolce & Gabbana glamour, such as a black hoodie sweatshirt embellished in red sequins and a silky pink tracksuit-inspired set.

The starting point is no longer the outfit itself. It’s the desire to tell the story, reveal an emotion, a way of life. In this way, people no longer purchase a piece of clothing but a memory, a love, a special moment.

The brand’s DNA is the South and all the symbols that represent it: flowers, pasta, bread, good luck charms, shells, fish, religious symbols, music, ice cream, drinks, dolls, biscuits, forks, spoons, pizza and Mandolin.

Watch behind the scenes as the designers prepare an intricate collection with an elaborate setting.