Tory Sport is a performance activewear line by Tory Burch that celebrates the elegance of sport. Inspired by the grace and strength of athletes, the Tory Sport Fall 2016 collection balances high-tech fabrics with classic design and a Seventies sensibility. Each style is crafted to reflect the beauty of the game and the empowering role that sports play in all aspects of a woman’s life.

Burch challenged her team to create fabrics with a natural handfeel but with the same wicking and cooling properties you’d expect from traditional workout gear. High-tech cashmere tennis sweaters with “Coolmax” technology are pleasantly cool to the touch, and her leggings feel silky-soft but perform just as well as any other compression pant on the market. “People have really been responding to the leggings, which was a surprise,” Burch said. “That’s an area with a lot of competition, but they’re one of our best-selling items. It’s been interesting to see what’s gaining traction.”

The Tory Sport Fall 2016 collection includes piqué tennis dresses, bomber jackets, and chunky sweaters, all of which reappeared for Fall ’16. Overall, the vibe was much the same: ’70s nostalgia with a little quirk. “In the beginning, we were inspired by The Royal Tenenbaums,” she explained. “I don’t think we’ll ever veer too far from that—it’s those things we all wore and miss from high school and college. I’m really excited that people are responding to that classic, retro feel.”

Girls will appreciate the foolproof zip-ups and track pants, which Burch updated with pops of orange, red, and sky. A cropped ice-blue puffer features seamless, water-resistant construction. There is a down-filled toggle coat that was deceptively light and a fluffy, impossibly soft ivory fleece.