The Moschino Spring 2017 collection was centered around a truly unique, larger than life theme with clothes as recreations of paper dolls. This was made to address the extent to which our culture is overly immersed in smartphone media. “Before too long, this face-to-face conversation is going to feel awkward,” designer Jeremy Scott said.

Adding in the white tabs made the garments true, life-size recreations of the classic paper dolls – which predated Barbie. But there was just something about seeing the “dolls” on this scale that perfectly balanced nostalgia and modern fashion.

The trompe l’oeil technique he employed to render three-dimensional clothes flat also has a long history. The Italian label Roberta di Camerino was doing it back in the 1950s and ‘60s,.

Scott’s logo-belted black leather body-hugger was printed on a boxy oversize white T-shirt. Grand evening gowns gave him the most room to play, and it was remarkable how convincingly he was able to make their flat planes mimic voluptuous bows and ruffled trains.

Watch backstage at the Moschino Spring 2017 fashion show as the models prepare to enter the doll house.