Disintegrating the barriers between what is ordinary and what is celebrity, Kenzo Fall 2016 collection film takes a surreal look at the invisible digital walls that separate us from our favorite personalities and icons. Creative Directors Carol Lim and Humberto Leon have invited Writer and Director Carrie Brownstein to bring these ideas to life. The Kenzo ‘The Realest Real’ film explores satire in the post-internet age, unfolding in improbable directions and viewed through her unapologetic, polished, yet pedestrian lens.

With social media ever more present in our lives, this is a humorous exploration of the fickle and instant world of the internet.

“I guess we started by talking about fandom and the way that fans converge with their idols through screens and technology in this much more complex and multi-faceted way,” said Brownsteing. “It is about the idea that you can kind of insert yourself into the narrative of someone’s life, and into your idol’s life, through visuals, through songs etc. To create a cultural dialogue with these subjects. It became about exploring ideas of fantasy and projection, but taking a more absurdist view of that, when fantasy comes slamming into reality. I wanted to explore what could be the end result of idealization pushed too far.”