The American Designer has tapped model Freja Beha Erichsen as the girl-in-the-vintage-car for Michael Kors Fall 2016 ad campaign, lensed by Mario Testino. “Freja’s combo of beauty, dry wit and great sense of personal style make her one of a kind,” Kors explains of the decision. “She’s a tomboy, a fashion girl and the ultimate cool girl all mixed in one.”

“For the seasonal campaigns, we’re always looking to capture the mood of the season while still giving customers a subtle look into the inspiration of the collection,” Michael Kors explains of the collection, “For Fall, it was about attitude, personal style and luxury travel but with a very cool, glamorous edge.”

While the mood is all familiar, Fall’s emphasis on embellishment feels like a fresh turn for the brand. “I’ve always loved juxtaposition, so a big thing for this collection was taking these spectacular embellishments and making them feel laid-back, like something you could wear every day,” the designer explains. “We wanted the charm and the flirty-ness that comes with these details that move and catch the light, but we also wanted the clothes to be functional and wearable in everyday life.”