Introducing the Cartier Magicien new high jewelry collection comprised stunning pieces that focus on the brand’s legacy of fine craftsmanship and unmatched stones.

Starring top model Toni Garrn, the collection photographed by Ben Hassett focuses on the fascination, illusion, and alchemy of Cartier’s legacy and skillful handling of diamonds and sapphires.

The Cartier ‘Magicien’ collection features three separate categories—the Magic of Light, Magic in Every Design and Otherwordly Magic.

Magic of Light has eight pieces which includes high jewelry earrings, necklaces and bracelets, all of which were created using white gold, platinum, rock crystals, natural pearls, or diamonds. Magic in Every Design has seven coloured-stone pieces with platinum, emeralds, onyx, sapphire, and diamonds.  The Otherwordly Magic line has five minimal and contemporary pieces featuring white gold, black lacquer, beryls, green sapphires, chrysoberyls, tsavorite garnets, or diamonds.

Discover the collection here.