With desire as inspiration, the Charlotte Tilbury debut fragrance Scent of a Dream, features Kate Moss as her muse.

“This scent, for me, is the key to attraction,” says Tilbury, who modeled the flacon on an alchemist’s potion bottle.

Featuring psychoactive magic molecules, erotic floral extracts, and a mood-enhancing joy aura – Scent of a Dream is a perfume that acts as a portal for love, light, power, positivity, and sex. Notes like fire-tree, amber, and the synthetic compound Hedione are blended with with big bursts of erotic florals like rose, tuberose, and jasmine.

Kate Moss, an old friend and the face of the fragrance, bottling that kind of unforgettable allure. The supermodel, who is also godmother to Tilbury’s two children, received the perfume’s first sample and remains a big fan. “I spray myself in the misting way that Marilyn Monroe used to spray a halo around her. There is an old-school drama to it,” Moss explains of the indulgent application technique.

Moss physically embodies Scent of a Dream, changing the molecular structure of a room by entering it.