From a line created by inspiration, a sculpture takes shape, a shoe comes to life. Roger Vivier ...

July 25, 2016


From a line created by inspiration, a sculpture takes shape, a shoe comes to life. Roger Vivier has dressed women
in his elegant creations since 1937.

Because they were all his muses, they inspired his refined boldness which in turn fashioned his works of art. He invented timeless elements, from the Aiguille to the Virgule, worn by exceptional and iconic women: the Duchess of Windsor, Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II, Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Deneuve, Françoise Hardy…

Blurring the lines and mixing up styles, today’s woman draws her elegant poise from Roger Vivier.

With the Roger Vivier Fall 2016 collection, femininity is broadening its landscape of Me and My fun. Toying with contrasts in fabrics, igniting colours with a flowery explosion of chiné leather, imprinting a keenly honed style in XXL hound’s-tooth. Run about in Sixties boots where the iconic buckle has become a perfect ring. Take off in Sneaky Viv’ with their über-feminine and elegant leather frills. Shop with the supersoft leather Pilgrim de Jour or post a selfie with the Viv’ Bordino.

Daring and extravagance are your domain at night. Master the glitz with a thousand sparkling lights, the flattering reflection of your style. Shimmer in sequin stretch thighhigh boots. Dazzle in hound’s-tooth print sequin ankle boots with flower crystal buckles. Shine in ultra-sexy strappy sandals. Dare with luxuriously embroidered flowery chiné silk. Pose with your silk box minaudière with its tiny buckle. Whisper in a soft satin clutch set with crystals and colours, depicting the geometric Vivier signature.


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