The starting point of the inspiration behind the Zac Posen Resort 2017 collection is Europe’s ...

July 6, 2016


The starting point of the inspiration behind the Zac Posen Resort 2017 collection is Europe’s industrial movement at the turn of the century and women like Klimt’s muse Emilie Louise Floge and Sonia Delaunay. The movement’s graphicism played out in a check pattern.

Posen injected Delaunay’s notorious abstract lines and graphic patterns into his resort 2017 collection, interrupting the sinuous and pompous proposals he designed with more architectural motifs. Like Flöge’s designs, Posen’s latest creations are never boring, and perfectly combine both Delaunay’s avant-garde views on fashion with Flöge’s bohemian style.

The collection evolves from subtle graphic reference to couture techniques. It perseveres its fluidity without forgoing a street style edge. There is a new approach to the silhouette, one that reveals evolution in softness and sense of grandeur, but also speaks to the refinement that defines modern craftsmanship.

Experiments with textures inevitably remind of Flöge, while also manage to bring organza, patchwork, jacquard and mesh materials to the scene through a number of dresses. Such a choice also helped enhance Posen’s artisanal skills when it comes to layers, which dynamically interrupt not only the sensual Klimt-inspired pieces, but also offer us different, more form-fitting alternatives, unlike the line-up’s oversized proposals.

Rounded hems got juxtaposed with either wrapped or sculptured cuts, eventually treating us to a lightweight billowy gray evening dress and a yellow floral print gown that both are just a mixture all of the collection’s main themes.

Go behind the scenes with Zac Posen as he showcases the collection and his inspiration behind the season.


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