Trapped between glamorous Seventies and haute couture-esque Nineties vibes, this Balmain Resort ...

July 5, 2016


Trapped between glamorous Seventies and haute couture-esque Nineties vibes, this Balmain Resort 2017 collection is an elegantly lavish display. Balmain is a fashion house that manages to target both its usual ultra-chic audience and the younger and fresher generation with is eclectic collections.

“I obviously can’t say all the details, but I can say that we are going to expand Balmain to the world. It’s something I’m really happy for and I can’t wait,” he said.

While this collection’s patterns evoke a more cheerful attitude, which draw inspiration from Balmain’s signature patterns, the collection is reinvented in a more millenial-approved way.

The Resort 2017 offering relies on a strong injection of color, reflecting the intense shades of the sea, sky and sand. The designs were initially inspired by thoughts of bands of revealers chilling on exotic and beaches, hoping that the night never ends, yet anxious to witness the perfect sunrise.

This collection’s silhouette is both relaxed and body-conscious. Influences include both swimwear and classic tailleur and we rely on a host of fabrics, patterns and time-honored techniques, including macramé, crochet, classic tweed and woven knits.

The collection showcases rich and dark-toned solid colors, often combined to create elegant yet less bright color-blocking motifs than usual, while on the other hand multi-colored stripes come arranged either geometrically or abstractly. Some of the ensembles got dipped into vivid pinks, yellows, super shimmery light blues and oranges, accentuating the figures and harmonizing the overall Resort 2017 line-up with a more balanced array of shades.


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