Louis Vuitton has announced that it will be launching a luxury line of scents this September.

Ever since the fashion house began creating its first travel trunks back in 1854, its products were built to protect the most precious of objects while in transit. Louis Vuitton has always featured padded compartments in its trunks, perfect for holding perfume.

The perfumes will combine the soft and sensual leather notes of its iconic travel trunks with the unique aromas of the flowers of Grasse – the world’s perfume capital.

The perfumes will be created within the Fontaines Parfumées site – the same site where Dior’s fragrance labaratory is based. The estate has it’s very own perfume fountain.

In-house perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud uses only the finest, most exclusive raw materials and cutting-edge technology to create a dream palette of unique notes that have been four years in the making. But what makes these fragrances even more special is the infusion of the brand’s leather – a gentle, light, and leathery scent extracted from the beige material used on the handles and straps of the brand’s famous trunks and handbags.

From China to India to South America, only the finest raw materials are gathered from across the world and paired with exclusive flowers, the scents of which are extracted using cold gas – not heat – to preserve their perfect perfumes.