The renowned jewelry brand announces its latest step in the evolution of the Tiffany & Co. Return to Tiffany collection with the release of Return to Tiffany Love.

When the original Return to Tiffany key ring was first introduced in 1969, every piece had a unique registration number, ensuring that if owner and keys were ever separated, they would be reunited at Tiffany. While this tradition is no more, its legacy lives on asone of Tiffany’s most iconic designs. Its latest iteration: Return to Tiffany Love is symbolic of the optimism, beauty and love with which the company is associated. This collection continues to reflect Tiffany’s heritage as the home of human connection. The iconic heart tag has been reimagined in 18k white and rose gold, as well as sterling silver, and is featured on necklaces and bracelets that range from bold links to dainty double chains. With or without round brilliant diamonds, all of the pieces nod to the original key rings with an inscription of the legendary phrase, “Please Return to Tiffany,” with a little extra love.

The new collection inspires us to always keep our hearts open.