Angela Missoni chose Oscar winner Paolo Sorrentino to direct the new commercial for the Missoni Eau de Parfum, starring actress and host of the 72nd Cinema Festival in Venice, Elisa Sednaoui.

As fluid and slinky as knitted fabric that wraps softly around a woman’s body, as subtly nuanced as its ingredients, Missoni Eau De Parfum is feminine, sensual and filled with the unmistakable style of the brand.

A fragrance like no other deserves a director like no other: Academy Award winner Paolo Sorrentino is the eye behind the camera in ad campaign for Missoni Eau de Parfum, a project that is entirely made in Italy, from the concept down to the details.

Shot at dawn in a villa on the northern stretch of the Appia Antica road in Rome with the help of a 70-strong cast of dancing actors, the video advertisement draws on Sorrentino’s surreal, irreverent side and stars Elisa Sednaoui as a woman who will not be sidelined and is willing to dance to the rhythm of her own music. The music was specifically produced for Missoni by Sorrentino himself. The perfect embodiment of the free-spirited, ironic and unconventional Missoni woman for whom the fragrance was designed.

In the ad, Sednaoui wears in a Vintage Missoni dress that matches the colour palette of the bottle, much like the rest of the video, which is shot in the warm tones of a new summer day just about to begin. The matching set decor is, of course, Missoni Home.

Wactch the making of Missoni Eau de Parfum spot by Paolo Sorrentino.