The No. 21 Resort collection for 2017 features a blend of subtle Eastern and romantic references to create the essence of Spring.

Alessandra Dell’Acqua uses a selection of shapes along with denim, indigo blue, embroidered pieces and sporty knights and shirting fabrics.

Throughout the collection there are cotton and silk muslin prints in a vibrant palette. Additionally, feminine influences can be seen in fabrics such as eyelet, macrame, and scalloped Valencinnes lace trim. Cotton is also present in the collection in the form of poplin, openwork and print voile.

The elements in the collection show a balance between glamour and rusticity. The rainbow print chiffon plays off the rough hewn cotton. Fine embroidery offsets a chunky heel. Macrame is featured in the collection in a modern way with a touch of metallic gold. Lace is seen throughout the collection adorned with black sequins.