“I love the counter-culture around the Grateful Dead and the Deadheads who followed them. I ...

June 3, 2016


“I love the counter-culture around the Grateful Dead and the Deadheads who followed them. I got thinking about what the daughter of a Deadhead would wear today, her self-possessed attitude, the freedom and fluidity of her clothing, the complexity of the prints, the futuristic edge,” said Jonny Johansson, Creative Director.

The Acne Studios Resort 2017 collection features fluid, soft, layered sensuality from generous pieces of draped fabrics, with a variety of prints, from tie-dye to oil-print.

The cowl neck of a blue long sleeve knee length dress sits to one side, its drape allowing the printed lining to fall into view. A roomy white blazer has underpinnings at the waist to create a skirted silhouette, while skirts have
underlayers for a historical feel. Duvets inspire a tie-dye padded cape with holes for arms, while a press-stud dress of orange and green dyed panels can have its form changed at will. A white sheath dress is knotted loosely at the side and worn over a bleached out blouse with a faded psychedelic oil print. Knits play with patterns, like the green panel on the front of a striped sweater that’s like TV interference, or the dip-dye stripes of a rib sweater and tank dress. A futuristic take on loose fisherman’s pants are held by a long white belt, while a motocross pant has radically contrasting panels to construct its shape.

Sock sneakers return in tie-dye, while an elevated version of the Swedish clog has its straps roughly stapled. Heels are held by wraps of fabric. Leather bags have interchangeable wide straps in contrasting colours, trimmed with thick multicolour rope.


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