Ethereal, feminine, and mystique was the essence behind the Rochas Resort 2017 collection by Alessandro Dell’Acqua.

“I wanted to capture that sophisticated spirit,” Dell’Acqua said. “Only I tried to tone down the conceptual and bourgeois allure, enhancing the sensuality factor and giving the body a more expressive and modern relevance.”

The Neapolitan fashion designer often showcases a neutral color palette that mainly features blush, white, beige and light gray tones, aside from a few total-black ensembles. And his signature delicate hues are to be found in the Rochas resort 2017 collection too, which however manages to highlight dell’Acqua’s artisanal skills with rich, more opulent shades.

Balancing innovation with tradition, as well as texture with the richness in colors, dell’Acqua focused on billowy figures and layered silhouettes, interrupting the airy lines with clean-cut coats and knee-length classy pants that gave the collection a slightly tomboyish allure.

Matching blush blouses create a ton on ton effect with the coats, leaving it up to the fabrics and textures to create a pleasing contrast. For the brighter ensembles, dell’Acqua featured both floral patterns and bold blue color touches adding dynamicity to the collection.

“I looked for something summery and joyful, a bit over the top, a feeling of vitality,” said Dell’Acqua,