Christian Louboutin-clad enfants terribles hit the pavement in Rouge Rutilant, a film by ...

May 23, 2016


Christian Louboutin-clad enfants terribles hit the pavement in Rouge Rutilant, a film by Parisian creative label Pictoresq, featuring the brand’s Summer 2016 collection.

A small country road in the afternoon. A motorbike with a sidecar is going full speed. A red Austin Mini stopped in the ditch, in a cloud of smoke. An intrepid driver and her little dog; a mysterious hitchhiker. A short story in black and red.

The plane trees lining the side of the road pass by rapidly. The engine roars; the metal siding of the sidecar trembles. Braced over the handlebar of her contraption device, the driver leans into every curve. Her impassible face, hidden behind large motorcycle glasses, reveals no trace of emotion. She is dressed entirely in black: slim pants, Perfecto, Triloubi handbag over her shoulder. Only the red sole of her Laperouza mocassins contrast with the rest of the outfit. Sitting next to her, propped in the sidecar, is a little dog braving the wind and the cold.

Behind her oval sunglasses, the driver squints. An Austin Mini is stopped by the edge of the road. A thick white smoke escapes from the engine hood. A few meters away, the silhouette of a woman is outlined against a shady sky.

Wearing a black leather trench coat, perched over her Bain De Soleil platform shoes, the young blond woman has an enigmatic aura about her, and a frighteningly sensual allure. She holds on to her Paloma firmly and seems unfazed by the thick cloud of smoke enveloping her little red car. Sooner or later, a driver will come along, struck by her irresistible charm. She is not the kind of woman you leave on the side of the road.

The sound of an engine and metal is getting dangerously close. A sidecar bolts towards her between the trees. She quickly glances at her reflection in a pocket mirror and readjusts her trench collar.

An unusual crew. An impenetrable motorcyclist, a hitchhiker who resembles a pin-up and a little dog in a sidecar. The trio continues on its way at a breakneck speed. The countryside whizzes by and the curves come up one after the other. The hitchhiker is a bit too tall for the cramped space of the sidecar. Her long legs extend over the front, her red soles facing the road. But neither her awkward position nor the bumps in the road keep her from taking a tube of lipstick from her sequined clutch. The driver glances at her discreetly while she is touching up her makeup. Headlights on, they set off immediately, as nighttime starts to fall.


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