On a recent voyage to Rotterdam, South Holland, the designer duo, found stimulation in the revolutionary architecture as the edgy and innovative inspiration for the Abcense Fall 2016 collection. The grace and beauty of the city’s reflection on the North Sea speaks to the innocence, grace and femininity of the art, which they create this season.

The history of Rotterdam, a romantic influence, gives life to their passion for restoration, as the city was completely destroyed during WWII and revived shortly after making it an icon for daring and new styles of architecture and beauty.

Rotterdam at dusk provided the color reference for this seasons collection. The metal heel details are extremely clean and geometrical, which reflect the De Stijl [Dutch for “The Style”], an artistic movement that took place in Amsterdamin 1917. This movement contributed to the aesthetic of this collection, as you’ll notice the specific details and colors, which accentuate the designers love of art and natural beauty.