Introducing Eloïse, Christian Louboutin’s newest handbag. Eloïse seduces with an architectural construction and feminine lines, stealing the spotlight from others wherever she goes.

Eloise is an intoxicating paradox; like a great actress, she belongs at once to all eras and yet none. Structured, yet feminine – as strong as she is vulnerable – Eloise recreates a sense of timeless glamour. Embodying the essence of a charismatic woman, Eloise is confident and prone to extravagance – an uninhibited extrovert, who thrives with eyes upon her. Eloise balances a highly architectural construction with unmistakably feminine lines. Hand-painted, graphic, tinted edging seduces the eye and enhances the silhouette of the bag.

Monsieur Louboutin created Eloise to be the glamorous and charismatic counterpart to the elegant and sophisticated Paloma. An ultra-feminine day bag with an iconic touch, its portfolio structure provides an array of storage options for the dynamic woman on the move. Featuring chic shopper handles wrapped in signature spikes, it is elevated on a pedestal of four miniature ‘heels’. Spike-studded leather scarf motifs curve gracefully around the base of each of Eloise’s handles, adding a precious touch to otherwise immaculate lines. In this large version, the Christian Louboutin Eloise handbag brings a bold magnetism to your everyday look.

Directed by Ali Mahdavi, discover the new Eloise handbag.