I am a Chanel perfume: an imaginary bouquet, stunning, prolific, invariably floral that is made with a love for the absolute.

In Chapter 15 of Inside Chanel, the ‘Self-Portrait of a Perfume’ film is described as an abstract painting, an olfactory geometry, an invisible palette, a secret inspiration.

Chanel paints a self-portrait of its iconic N°5 perfume, introducing its backstory and role in the brand’s DNA.

Inside Chanel now consists of 15 chapters that explore the brand’s codes such as its use of particular colors, the lion motif and the legacy of founder Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel. As its most well-known fragrance, N°5 has been the subject of two other Inside Chanel chapters to date, showing the significance of the house’s first scent.

“I wanted an artificial perfume. That’s right, artificial, like a dress; meaning manufactured. I am a designer of couture. I want a perfume that is a composition,” declared Gabrielle Chanel.