The Italian design house is pleased to present its new video featuring Coeur de Pirate, Béatrice Martin’s stage name, a French-Canadian singer-songwriter, to launch the Fendi EyeShine Sunglasses for Spring.

The video celebrates the EyeShine sunglasses as a tribute to the sunlight and its wonderful power of attraction, showcasing their outstanding magnetism: a fascinating story of solar myth, where sun is the Divinity, EyeShine sunglasses are a sacred cult object and Coeur de Pirate is an astral priestess.

The mesmerizing moment of the rising sun is amplified in the mirrored sunglasses, while suddenly multiple versions of Coeur de Pirate appear around her in hypnotic games of reflections. The singer worships the sun and celebrates this unique moment ritually painting her face with gold, as a symbolic homage both to the glorious sunshine and to the glow of the EyeShine sunglasses.