Shop the interactive Emilio Pucci Spring 2016 runway show as the collection features a grammar of effortlessness.

The exotic summers of Emilio Pucci in the now interpretation of Massimo Giorgetti with cinematic seascapes for urban mermaids.

As distorted marina stripes morph into a top, knotting becomes a playful gesture. The incorporation of swimming goggles for a clear vision brings a fun element to the season. Pearls are featured as studs: subverting notions, in a zing. Corals and shells, waves and starfishes, sailors and ropes, all protagonists of a surface story. Feather frivolity, wide, micro-pleated, layered accents are all what make this collection spectacular.

Ocean blue, aqua, pale turquoise, cilestrino light blue, pink, acidgreen, purple, Emilio Pucci’s hues are remixed.

Adding, editing, morphing, twisting is the essence of the collection. Modularity as a state of mind. Ready to wear. Easy to wear.