Since its founding in 1780, Chaumet has put happiness at the heart of its creations, celebrating tender feelings, love and passion. From the tiara to the aigrette ring that crowns the finger, the Maison pays tribute to marriage.

Chaumet gives centre stage to its modern-day fiancés with a film L’Amour a Paris and a series of  photographs by Matthew Brookes. From the Tuileries gardens to the Alexandre III Bridge, taking a moment to view Monet’s Nymphéas in the Orangerie Museum, their stroll leads them Place Vendôme, to the Maison’s salons, where the “Perles de Vénus” tiara honours their love.

It all began with the love between Napoléon and Joséphine, consecrated by Nitot, founder of the Maison. An intimate witness of its client’s stories, Chaumet marks the special moments of lovers with precious milestones.

The engagement ring, the wedding band, the tiara, the morning gift on the first day of marriage, the wedding anniversary present…all are enduring symbols of love’s rituals. These exceptional moments are celebrated with sparkling ceremony or with tender whispers.