Presenting the new Gucci Anniversary Edition Flora, a new fragrance for women. Flora Anniversary Edition is a flanker to 2009′s Gucci Flora, and celebrates the anniversary of that scent’s inspiration, the “iconic floral print Flora”, first used on a Gucci scarf in 1966.

Sophisticated and modern, the scent’s olfactory narrative is exclusively created from the blooms at the heart of the original Gucci Flora fragrance. An homage to the heart notes of the original scent, and the core of Flora’s pattern, Rose and Osmanthus create a resonant essence in this new fragrance.

Blended with other flowers to create new textures, the blooms are redolent with a contemporary mood. Interlaced with a Peony accord, contrasting elements of the Rose signature are amplified: a deep floralcy and the natural airy and petal-like character. The Rose signature meets Osmanthus’ complex facets, drawing out its apricot-like freshness, exoticism and creaminess.