Inspired by the knowledge that “all women want longer legs,” Christian Louboutin launched the first-of-its-kind Nudes Collection in the summer of 2013. Debuted in four classic styles, including Pigalle and the Simple Pump, the collection offers a spectrum of skin colours ranging from fair to a rich chestnut.

Now, the Christian Louboutin Nudes relaunched with a new silhouette for the season with the Salasofia. The pointy ballerina will be adding two new hues (porcelain Nude #1 and deep chocolate Nude #7) to its range of now seven shades. The easy to slip on basics are designed to look like a second skin thanks to its wide range of shades.

The transformation of the Nudes Collection exemplifies Christian Louboutin’s design process. “I’ve always done a Nude shoe but only using the colour beige,” he recalls.

“I have clients from every continent and want to make them happy!” Christian said. So, using his studio team as guinea pigs, Christian created five different hues inspired by their skin tones. A year later, the Nudes were best sellers around the world.

“Nude shoes go with everything and allow you to wear any handbag or accessory you want,” Christian says. By elongating the legs and complementing a woman’s silhouette, a nude ballerina conveys the fluidity, versatility, and allure of the female body, an ongoing inspiration for Louboutin.

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