Albert Kriemler’s collaboration for the Akris Spring 2016 collection with Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto, the first collaboration with an architect ever, continues to create a strong response since its debut in Paris in October 2015.

Now is the time when the collection arrives in stores and Akris boutiques worldwide. Albert Kriemler seizes this moment to speak about the milestones of this collaboration and about what inspires him in his work.

“We share a vision to create an effortless relation between the body and the environment with utmost simplicity. Sou Fujimoto is an architect who understands that we have more senses than just the eyes,” Designer Albert Kriemler said on his collaboration, the first ever with an architect.

The short documentary movie captures key moments from the day when the first ideas were exchanged in Sou Fujimoto’s studio in Tokyo to the moment when enthusiastic models high-five Albert Kriemler backstage after the finale of the show before he takes to the stage to bow – a rare insight into his process of creation.

“Inspiration is not about words, it is a strong feeling,” said Kriemler. “I cannot predict what makes me feel like that, I just know when it happens.”